Passing on heritage & exploring history through the centuries


Reveal the secrets of heritage through cultural & immersive mediation tools for :


Local authorities, NRP, Tourist Offices...

Cultural Spaces

Museums, exhibitions...


Castles, cemeteries, monuments...


And anyone else who wants our services!

A legacy of history

The legacy of past centuries through our heritage allows us, like memory carriers, to travel through history through time...

Through cultural and historical mediation, whether it's a living or intangible heritage, via human tools or the immersive universe, we accompany you towards a transmission accessible to as many people as possible.

Through a network of enthusiasts, heritage experts and graphic artists... our common goal is to promote the wealth of our history, so that it benefits as many people as possible and is not forgotten over time.

Rémy LAMBERT, head of Transmissus, is at your service to help you with your projects.


Promote history, memory and elements of heritage, visible or not, through cultural & immersive mediation tools for the general public or a targeted clientele.


Transmit knowledge of an element or event in a comprehensible and accessible way, with the support of a committee of experts and the provision of perceptible tools.


Preserve the memory of a site by safeguarding its heritage or environment from intensive visits. Enable an approach outside the walls or on a targeted itinerary.


French, based in Normandy, France, works in the cultural mediation and tourism/commercial sectors. His background and life path have given him a wealth of experience, which he puts to good use for his customers.

With an initial training background in the management of mediation and environmental preservation projects (sensitive natural areas, Regional Nature Reserve, etc. ) he then specialized in a course dedicated to the animation of tourist activities. Rémy LAMBERT soon extended his skills to the fields of heritage and history.

In search of rich and varied experience in his early professional years, he traveled the length and breadth of France, working in a variety of fields (wwoofing, the French navy, commerce, hospitality and accompaniment, project management, etc.), which led him to discover different sectors and types of clientele.

All this experience over the years is a real asset in terms of skills, applied directly in the field. They are a real strength for Rémy LAMBERT, giving him a broad vision of different types of clientele and an optimized strategy for developing tourist and cultural facilities.

In a nutshell : 

2018 | Launch of Lambert Tourisme

  • Specializing in tourism services and consulting in northwest France.
  • Clientele: Receptives, tour Operators, Tourist Offices
  • Typologies: Group tourism (senior citizens, schoolchildren), business tourism, general public

2019 | French Ministry of Labour

  • Training engineering consultant in the tourism sector in the areas: Reception and development of tourist spaces receiving the public, Tourist guide / escort, Tourist animator, Territorial tourism development manager.
  • Trainer (attached to AFPA) of the tourism professions and holder on long training (4 x 6 months): Tourist and Leisure Reception Officer | 92.5% total success in certification.
  • Speaker on short training dedicated to active professionals (Tourist Office, receptive, maritime tourism, etc.).

2020 | Partner at MHT

  • Company specialized in the design of immersive and historical content. Rémy LAMBERT contributes, in particular, to the launch of the KAIROS® brand, the commercial development of products and the opening up to the international content market. He is a project manager on the productions of the Norman territory.
  • Managing Director, he left his position as a manager in September 2023, no longer sharing the same vision of leadership and business development as his partner.

2021 | President of the B.O.W.U International Association

  • Elected unanimously, it completely restructures the association and the management of regional events, mainly on the official commemorations of the Normandy landing.
  • At the end of 2023, the association has more than 350 members around the world, with more than 13 nations represented.

2018-2023 | Transmissus

  • In the perspective of the evolution of his company, specific to the expectations of his clientele, he brings together under the same entity his expertise as a tourism consultant, training engineering and heritage mediation, in particular through the development of content with immersive characters.
  • Lambert Tourism evolves under the Transmissus entity.